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Compost, farmyard manure and biogas use under small farmers conditions in Tanzania

Pictures from work for Kilimo/FAO Plant Nutrition Programme 1988-1995

compost_01.jpg|Compost making|Compost making demonstration at farmers' plot in Endabeg, Tanzania compost_02.jpg|Compost heap|Compost heap at farmers' plot in Endabeg, Tanzania compost_03.jpg|Dung collection|Collecting cow dung the traditional way, Mbulu, Tanzania compost_09.jpg|Compost distribution|Distributing the compost by heaps on maize fields Mbulu, Tanzania compost_10.jpg|Compost for fodder|Distributing the compost in heaps on maize and fodder fields Endabeg, Tanzania compost_11.jpg|Dung heaps|Tradiyional distribution of cowdung in heaps on maize fields Dongobesh, Tanzania xbiogas.jpg|Biogas|Biogas installation processing cowdung from zero grazing dairy cattle