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Consultant in Information Technology and Tropical Agronomy. download CV


01.09.01 to current Kiboko The Netherlands

I am working as an independent consultant in software development and tropical agronomy.

In the IT field, my main activities are in the design and development of databases and software applications. Applications developed are both internet and client-server applications. The software developed covers a wide range of applications, from internet portals for knowledge sharing to internal accounting procedures, both for commercial enterprises as well as for the non-profit sector.

In the field of tropical agriculture my main focus is on plant production and participatory rural development.  Plant production experience was gained in my responsibility as manager of a regional research station. Working within the Extension Service I have gained wide experience under different ecological and farming systems.

01.12.97 to 31.08.01 Synobsys The Netherlands

Work as software consultant with SYNOBSYS, a software development firm. The company specializes in development of custom made IT solutions for Medium to Large Size companies. Applications developed include Customer Relationship Management and e-business applications.

AllFusion Plex is a model-based development tool used to design e-business applications. By using design patterns software is developed that performs across different platforms including AS/400, Windows NT and Java platforms.

01.09.96 to 30.11.97 INTER ACCESS The Netherlands

Work as application consultant with Inter Access , a consultancy firm on business management and software development.

From September 1996 to February 1997, assignments with companies in industrial production and logistics for the development of RPG programmes for the IBM AS400 platform on quality control and data communication.

From March 1997 to November 1998, working at the development of a client-server application for customer management and accountancy for a industrial production company working with AllFusion Plex.

01.04.96 to 19.08.96 SILVAC The Netherlands

Training in general Information Technology and specialized training for the IBM AS/400 mid-frame computer.

Course contents include; Database Management Systems, System Development Methodology, Structured Programming (RPG/400), Database Implementation, SQL, Client-Server applications, Information Analysis and Program Design.

28.08.95 to 31.12.95 International Agriculture Centre The Netherlands

Short term assignments with the International Agricultural Centre in Wageningen as assistant coordinator for the international course on Nutrient Management for Sustainable Agriculture. Responsibilities included; curriculum development, course management.

A new course module on "Farming Systems and Soil Organic Matter Management" was developed including an educative computer programme. The 4-week course is organised in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) for agricultural officers from developing countries. 

18.04.95 to 24.10.95 FAO Plant Nutrition Programme India

Two one-month assignments as expert/consultant with the Plant Nutrient Programme FAO/AGLN Rome. Assistance to the Indian Farmers' Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) in development of Integrated Plant Nutrient Systems (IPNS) for their members.

The objective of the missions was to assist IFFCO in planning and implementation of an on-farm experimentation and demonstration programme on IPNS. A computer model was developed for calculating plant nutrition balances at farm level.

01.03.88 to 31.01.95 FAO Plant Nutrition Programme Tanzania

Expert/coordinator for the Kilimo/FAO Plant Nutrition Programme Tanzania, responsible for project planning and management in the Northern Zone. Project activities included: agricultural extension, staff-training and applied research.

Through a participatory approach, sustainable farming systems methods were developed and demonstrated with groups of farmers.

Magugu rice
01.12.85 to 28.02.88 FAO Plant Production Gabon

Agricultural expert with the "Centre d'Introduction d'Adaptation et de Multiplication de matériel végétal" (CIAM). Responsibility for overall management of a regional agricultural centre.

Project activities included applied research and production of planting material and other crop produce for commercial purposes.

15.05.85 to 15.10.85 Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Netherlands

Associate expert with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, working at the Research and Technology Development Department.

Activities consisted of project appraisal, monitoring and evaluation.