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Some Images of project work in Agriculture , click to enlarge
IFFCO Visiting IFFCO farmers in Punjab, India thm_MAGUGU.jpg Farmers field day in a rice fertilizer trial in Magugu, Tanzania
thm_PICT0007.jpg Storing buffalo dung for fuel use in India thm_DAREDAKLEIN.jpg Farmers field day in a maize fertilizer trial in Dareda, Tanzania
thm_PICT0003.jpg Harvesting maize in Songea, Tanzania thm_GONGALIKLEIN.jpg Farmers field day in a dairy farm Gongali, Tanzania
thm_IAC.jpg Traditional Organic Manure Practices in Mbulu, Tanzania thm_KATESHKLEIN.jpg Village council in Katesh, Tanzania
thm_MBULUKLEIN.jpg Maize and bean intercropping in Mbulu, Tanzania thm_MaizeContour.jpg Contour planting, combining maize with Elephant grass contours to stop erosion